[mp3] COOLRUNNINGS // Spirit of the High

I don’t know what it is that I’ve recently been experiencing, but I’m mired in some sort of musical lull. I have found myself nearly unmoved by any and all music lately, and I’m fairly discouraged by it – especially seeing as, you know, I have a music blog. I’ve taken steps to dislodge this malaise, or whatever it might be, by searching out things I may have missed or not given proper due. SiriusXM is doing a free two-week trial, which has moderately helped in giving me some new research material, but I’m still dispassionate and it sucks. Luckily, today I found a few things that are clearly good; mostly older music from long before I was born.

[mp3] COOLRUNNINGS // Spirit of the High

Fittingly then perhaps, I came across a grungy tune reminiscent of a bygone era. I checked the archives, and though it doesn’t seem we’ve written of Knoxville’s COOLRUNNINGS, we’ve certainly been aware of them. On new track “Spirit of the High,” the band incorporates southern rock elements for a sound that is dirty and quite good. The sound is a bit of a departure from what I am most accustomed to from the outfit, that being the more avant garde and electronically tinged BABES FOREVER EP. It’s a direction I can see myself getting behind.