[mp3] Contrakids // Younger

Sydney’s Contrakids seem incapable of making a song that I won’t listen to. Maybe it’s tapping in to my long dormant need to dance, but everything they send our way ends up getting repeated incessantly. Most recently they sent over this song called “Younger,” which also capitalizes on my growing sense of nostalgia. Contrakids really know how to break a person down.

“Younger” is directed squarely at the object of the lead singer’s affection that evening; it’s not groundbreaking in a lyrical sense, but goddamn if it isn’t affecting to think about regaining even a modicum of the freedom that being young afforded a person. And that’s where the song’s real effectiveness lies: in the shared experience that it dredges up for those who’ve had those type of nights.

For Contrakids, I hope they’re banking some great songs for an eventual release, because it seems like they’re hellbent on giving everything they record away for free. Not that I mind, however, because when they come calling, asking for some ducats in exchange for their work, I’ll be happy to. It’s just less I can spend at the bar.

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Contrakids // Younger [mp3]