[mp3] Contrakids // Fool

At first glance, Contrakids don’t seem like a band that would hold my attention. They make heavy use of auto-tuning and tend to the electro-pop end on the indie spectrum. Really, they sound more Top 40 than I would usually go for, but every single song they’ve sent our way has wound up drilling its way into my head. Which is to say: if a song is good, the style that it’s done in doesn’t matter. It will still find a way to affect people.

There’s a darker thematic string running all of Contrakids’ songs together: the pain of ending relationships. The band’s unrequited longing is clear on all of their tracks; here’s hoping they’ll stay mired in their misery – only because it leads to great songs. And because that’s what 14 year old girls identify with, and if you get the 14 year olds, you get their mothers too, and then you’re gold.

There’s no word if the trio is heading out to play their songs in a live setting in their native land (or elsewhere), but they’ve stepped up to a Facebook page, which you can check out at the link below.

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Contrakids // Fool [mp3]