[mp3] Contrakids // Bulletproof (I Hurt You)

I’ve talked about Sydney, Australia’s Contrakids a couple of times in the past six months – when they sent along their first tracks, and again when they sent something new.  (This is an obvious pattern.)  Then yesterday they sent another new track, although this one borrows heavily from La Roux’s “Bulletproof.”

It’s sort of a remix, sort of not, since La Roux makes up a big chuck of the track.  The trio uses her vocals as a sort of call and response, back and forth a couple of separate times; on the whole it’s an interesting exercise, and I’m not certain if I’m totally enamored with it.  That could be because of how tired I’ve become of the song they pull from.

Beyond the use of La Roux, however, the Aussie outfit is still up to their old tricks, with their vocals heavily auto-tuned, pop-centric and catchy as hell; there’s a reason that their first two songs have resided in my Top 25 Played playlist since they made their way into our inbox.  No word what else these guys might be up to – album, EP, etc.  But, I certainly won’t complain if they keep sending us tracks one by one.

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Contrakids // Bulletproof (I Hurt You) [mp3]