[mp3] Cloud Nothings // Stay Useless

These perky Cleveland indie rockers were whipping a lot of excitement in the latter half of 2010 with singles “Understand At All” and “Even If It Worked Out”- frantic, sugary, 2 and half minute bullets of songs. Their eponymous debut however fell shy of the standard set by those punchy little tracks, dissolving into fuzzy, slightly over produced sameness that any C86 inspired band can sail close too close to.

However, last month we saw a massive departure from the sound of their debut with “No Future/No Past” being released, the first taster from their forthcoming sophomore album Attack on Memory (out 24th of January). It was slow, brooding and had more than a little bit of – yes, I’m using that word – angst about it. Like Andy pointed out in his post on that track, Cloud Nothings are nothing if not prolific right now, but the variation seen in such a small period of time really is staggering.

Latest offering “Stay Useless” isn’t quite as much of a departure. It’s another little 2 and half minute firecracker, but there’s a massive maturation in Dylan Baldi’s song writing. The whole thing just feels so much more coherent and… to-the-point, I guess. It’s crisper, less scratchy than stuff from their debut. Lyrically, it’s a classic bit of indie rock self-deprectation – “I need time to start moving, I need time to feel useless” goes the chorus, a chorus I dare you not to go away singing and nodding your head to. This is jump-around-your-room, playing air-guitar stuff. Sounds a bit like Weezer if they weren’t taking the piss the whole time. Sweet.

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Cloud Nothings // Stay Useless [mp3] from the forthcoming Attack on Memory