[mp3] Cheerleader // Do What You Want

We talked about Cheerleader last July, when they sent along their two-song single; I played “New Daze,” the single’s “A-side” (since it’s digital, there’s no real sides) a lot, and it’s now found a home on wax through the fine folks at Turntable Kitchen, who have made it a part of their most recent Pairings Box. (If you haven’t heard about Pairings Boxes yet, click on that link for a more detailed explanation.)

Matt from TTK sent along the B-side to the 7″, a guitar strumming delight entitled “Do What You Want” that has the Hartford, CT outfit sounding more countrified than electronic. It’s filled up with whistling, and it sounds like it’s meant for the open road of the Midwest United States, rather than the congested Northeastern states it mentions. But while it sounds cheerful, that ambiance is belied by the track’s gloomy vocals. When the pair sings “just do what you want” it’s less of a come-on than a cast-off, but that doesn’t make it any less catchy.

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Cheerleader // Do What You Want [mp3]