[mp3] Campfires // Fortune Teller


If you’ve been paying attention to music blogs for any length of time, you might have run across Campfires, the project from Portlander (by way of Chicago) Jeff Walls. The first mention of his music (at least from the blogs that are picked up by Hype Machine) is back in 2009, and he’s been churning out releases ever since, with various tapes and vinyl on labels just as varied as the formats he chooses to release things in. He’s put out music with label dignitaries Mexican Summer and Small Plates, and now, for his newest album, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, he’s been picked up by Fire Talk Records. Walls is amassing quite a resume in a short period of time.

“Fortune Teller” is the first single off of Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and it sticks pretty close to the formula that Walls has laid out on his previous releases: it’s short, it’s lo-fi, it’s catchy, like walking in on a band’s practice space just as they were learning a new song. Everything about Walls’ music shares “Fortune Teller”‘s rough hewn air about it; he’s unconcerned with appearance, or propping his music up artificially. Imagine listening to Harlem’s Hippies through the wall of your brother’s bedroom and you can approximate what Campfires is going to offer.

If you’re picking up what Walls is putting down under his Campfires moniker, then you should know that you can pre-order Tomorrow, Tomorrow right now at Fire Talk’s Bandcamp Page. It’s available for $5 to enjoy it digitally, or it’s only $14 to get it in all its twelve-inch glory. Either way, the album is due out on February 19.

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Campfires // Fortune Teller [mp3] from the forthcoming Tomorrow, Tomorrow