[mp3] Black Books // Out The Door

Sometimes I surprise myself. When listening to the new song from Austin, Texas’ Black Books, I was struck by how familiar the lead singer sounded to Jim James. Looking back at what I’d previously written about the band, I found that I had already used that comparison. I talk – a lot – but it seems like I might know what I am talking about every so often.

Since that initial post, the band has been working on their self-titled debut, and the first fruits of that labor have finally been revealed. The band released the first track from that album yesterday: a hazy, expansive track titled “Out The Door.” Black Books allow their songs to develop at their own pace; nothing about their music seems particularly forced, even if the song is only slightly over the four minute mark.

Black Books also recently put out a cover of The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” that you can find over here and download for free, if you’re so inclined. It’s much more atmospheric than the original, obviously, but it’s still entertaining. The band has a few dates lined up around their home state in January and February, so if you live around there you should probably check them out.

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Black Books // Out The Door [mp3] from the forthcoming Black Books