[mp3] Beach House // I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

This might turn out to be one of the longest post titles we’ve ever had.  To say that definitively, however, would require independent verification since I sure as hell am not going to go through all our old posts to be sure.  Dave posted the original version of this free wintery track from Beach House a couple of weeks back, somewhere in the wasted week between Christmas and New Years.  And then the other day, Mikey (aka Blackbird Blackbird) passed along his rework of it, and – like everything he seems to touch – it is too good to let languish in my iTunes.

So, here it is for you.  Snippets of lyrics, choppy beats, the entire affair worked into some kind of dream – as if Beach House needed to be made any more dreamy.

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[mp3] Beach House // I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)