[mp3] ArnHao // Love Fades (Holygrailers Memory Mix)

In advance of their Valentine’s Day release of their new single, “Love Fades,” Atlanta ambient outfit ArnHao asked us if we’d be interested in debuting their labelmate Holygrailers remix of their new track, which we are glad to be able to do.  The video for the original version is below; Holygrailers takes the sparse and lonely track and bolsters it with a quicker beat and additional sounds.  You know, because on Valentine’s Day no one wants to feel like they’re alone.

ArnHao’s label, Denmark Records, is sending out a Valentine’s Day gift to anyone that emails them at [email protected] that includes the entire package – song, remix, and video.  Denmark is putting out great experimental electronic stuff; make sure to check out their compilation that was released last month over at their website, as well as their split 7″ featuring ArnHao and Holygrailers from this past September.

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ArnHao // Love Fades (Holygrailers Memory Mix) [mp3]

ArnHao – Love Fades from Piece Productions on Vimeo.

  • Holygrailers

    it’s actually love fades (holygrailers memory mix)

  • Anonymous

    Adjusted accordingly. Thanks!