[mp3] Arbor Glades // It Can’t Be

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I shouldn’t complain about the state of our submissions inbox: who sends us music, its relative fullness, etc. With that in mind, just let me just say this: when my listening for a particular day starts with a band as good as Arbor Glades, the rest of the submissions that come after it are going to pale in comparison.

The Montreal-based band recently signed with Flagless Records, which is what brought them to our attention. Along with that signing, the band released a free, five-song EP entitled Coming Home. On their Bandcamp page it’s labeled as chillwave, but that’s not an apt descriptor. The band makes far more sun-drenched indie pop than that dour moniker would suggest. Coming Home is infused with a far more sunny disposition; taken as a whole it’s a gorgeous group of songs, and it’s one of the best EPs I’ve heard to this point in the year.

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite from the bunch, so I’m going to go with the first track from the EP since it was responsible for reeling me in first. This is a band I’ll be looking forward to following. And don’t delay: the EP is available on their Bandcamp page for free for the time being, so you should grab it while you can.

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Arbor Glades // It Can’t Be [mp3] from Coming Home