Mel Torme – Comin’ Home, Baby

My girlfriend and I went to see An Education the other night; while the social mores of 1960’s Great Britain were interesting to observe, overall, the film was kind of disappointing.  Peter Sarsgaard was just kind of creepy, but the female lead – Carey Mulligan – was fantastic.  If you were interested in seeing it, I’d recommend waiting until it comes out on video.

Despite my dislike for the film, there was one scene in the film that used this fantastic song that I had to find.  The scene is a run-of-the-mill early Sixties dance scene, where the dancing seems to be all arms, but in it, they use what I now know to be Mel Torme’s “Comin’ Home, Baby.”  It doesn’t rescue the film, but it makes up for a bit of the prevailing awkwardness I felt throughout.

Mel Torme – Comin’ Home, Baby (mp3)

  • This song is unreal. I consider it to be way more gangster and smooth than what most people consider to be rap these days. I’ve only ever heard of Mel Torme through Seinfeld haha, this is sure to bring a nice break from the usual techno bangers at the next house party

  • Andy

    If you can make this work at your next house party, let me know. That would be impressive.