Male Bonding

Whatever your personal take on the lo-fi/no-fi movement of the past couple of years, there are obviously some bands that do it better than others.  UK band Male Bonding fit squarely into the “better” category, with a perfect take on melodic lo-fi.  There’s a shimmering quality to it, bearing all the hallmarks of their predecessors – distant vocals, a constant buzz weaved throughout the tracks, a certain flair of haphazardness.

“Year’s Not Long” demonstrates the band’s upbeat side, and it should be on all your summer soundtracks from here on out.  It’s fast and focused, and has been running around in my brain for the past few days.  “Franklin,” conversely, is a little bit more subdued, but equally as impressive.

Just when I think that there might be enough of a certain type of band, someone else comes along to make it sound even better.  The band’s debut album, Nothing Hurts, is due out on Tuesday via Sub Pop.  They’re on tour around the UK, so check them out if you’re over that way.  Dates are on their MySpace page.

Male Bonding – Year’s Not Long (mp3) from Nothing Hurts

Male Bonding – Franklin (mp3) from Nothing Hurts