[mp3] Mac DeMarco // Baby’s Wearin Blue Jeans

While occupying a roof alongside a litany of dirty hipsters this past summer in Toronto – a few classier citizens sprinkled in – I did my best to assimilate by attempting to repair a broken pair of cheap sunglasses and drinking keg beer while uninterestedly watching some bands play. My staggering coolness aside, I likely conveyed too much enjoyment to mask my outsider status, laughing often at the antics of the lead singer. Mac DeMarco was playing with his band Makeout Videotape, ribbing the gathering of folks with humor-masked hostility. But what humor! So, while reading mention of DeMarco and Makeout Videotape in Mike Sniper’s (of Captured Tracks) treatise on record labels, the wheels began to turn.

[mp3] Mac DeMarco // Baby’s Wearin Blue Jeans from the forthcoming Rock and Roll Night Club

With an upcoming EP to be released by Captured Tracks, DeMarco has forgone the former band moniker, instead opting to go by his given name. On “Baby’s Wearin Blue Jeans” the formula of his music has morphed towards a woozier, sexier place with DeMarco singing in a lower register. It’s a new direction, but it’s one such a charismatic artist is sure to make, at the very least, interesting.