[stream] M83 // Midnight City

While at work yesterday I was tantalized repeatedly by word of, and subsequently much adulation towards, the new M83 track. I wouldn’t consider myself a true aficionado of the French outfit and their 80s tinged electronic music, but there are specific tracks they’re responsible for that I truly adore. As it’s never been our thing to rush out and post something first, I was content to wait until I returned to my place of residence and take the song in without all the extra noise of others coloring it.

“Midnight City” is the lead track to the forthcoming double LP Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, which, in principle Anthony Gonzalez’s words, draws upon each of its predecessors. The overwhelming adoration poured upon the track yesterday was certainly well founded in the ballad that propels itself forward through its duration with a what sounds like a distorted yelp and pleasing synths. It seems the entire blogosphere is not so quietly M83 fans. Should you be?

Head here to download the track, and stream it below.

Midnight City by M83