Love of an Orchestra

I’ve never gotten all the way into Noah and the Whale. I enjoyed “5 Years Time” but its shiny pop sound wasn’t enough to entice me into getting the rest of Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down in 2008. In all honesty, the more I listened to the song it grated on me.

The band’s follow up, The First Days of Spring was released with very little fanfare in 2009, as far as I’m aware, since I heard very little about it at the time. I recently saw the music video for the single “Love of an Orchestra” and liked it well enough, but once again it wasn’t something that made me have to go out and get the rest of the album. Based on reviews I’ve read, this track is an anomaly compared to the rest of the material on the latest album; more alike in its bubbly style to its predecessor than the rest of its album companions, which are purportedly more somber in tone. Perhaps some day soon I will explore the rest of the band’s work, but it isn’t pressing.

Noah and the Whale – Love of an Orchestra (mp3) from The First Days Of Spring

  • Swedishkings

    i would highly recommend blue skies from their second album, it's a real gem; both tragic and beautiful.