[listen] September Mix

It is quite apparent that tympanogram has mostly escaped the consciousness of the public (and also me, most of the time), so this mix is unlikely to reach far. That’s fine. I figured I’d stop in, let everyone know we are still alive and still love music, and share a snippet of what I’ve been listening to lately.

A few months ago I finally took the Spotify plunge. Since then, my listening habits have morphed into something completely different than what they have been for years. I’ve listened to a lot more popular music, and my plunging of the deep unchurned waters of the obscure no longer resembles the model I’ve long followed as far as vessels go. I can’t say for certain if this new manner of music discovery and consumption is better for me or for the artists I enjoy than my previous methods, but I still purchase music when I can despite the proliferation of streaming.

Anyways, here are some songs.