[listen] Introducing // Lazyeyes


I’ve been aching lately for some new music to get excited about. There have been a good number of albums released thus far this year that I’ve enjoyed, but for the times I want a mix of things outside a traditional LP format, I haven’t found many standalone tracks from up and comers to fawn over and wear out my headphones with. As usual, a trip over to I Guess I’m Floating has solved at least some of those ills with an introduction to Brooklyn’s Lazyeyes. Had I been paying closer attention over our exile from blogging, I’d have caught on earlier, but no matter, I’m onto them now.

The band’s first released song is titled “Nostalgia,” and happened to be just that: a peak back into the band’s shoegaze forebears, with big guitars, echoey ooh’s and aah’s, and catchiness abound. A few short weeks later an even better song, “Wait,” surfaced, proving well-worth the short, well, wait. Capturing a spacier feel and even more ooh’s and aah’s, the song show serious progression, even if it may not necessarily have been the second song that the band completed chronologically. I’ve listened to each of the band’s tracks several times already after just catching on an hour or so before writing this, but the first I pried my tympanic membrane loose to, “Daydream,” is yet another step in an overwhelmingly positive direction – one that made me seriously consider if I preferred it to “Wait.” That such a battle occurred so quickly upon learning of this band, and that my brief exposure to them has been taken so seriously, is testament either to my particular predilection towards this type of music, or that it’s just really good. (For the record, I thought “Wait” was my favorite, but as soon as I wrote it I listened to “Daydream and waffled. I did the opposite immediately afterwards, so I still don’t know.) Whether this is your cup of tea or not, this is shoegaze/dream-pop execution at its Brooklyn-y best, and I’m fine if this is the direction that takes over in the borough.

Buy the EP at their bandcamp page or stream to your heart’s content. via IGIF.

  • Daydream. That song is so chill! It’s the kind of music you listen to when you want to feel pleasantly placid. lol I like how you said “Wait” was your favorite song, then you couldn’t choose after hearing “Daydream”. Daydream is definitely a favorite! Would love to hear more of Lazyeyes!!

    We are a completely different kind of band but check us out at or

  • Wait is very good.. I’m liking how a lot of this contempory bleached-out noise pop stuff is a bit more rhythmically interesting than most of the 80s/90s stuff (which I’m assuming they’re absorbing influences from) .. Nice.