[listen] Dry Heeves // 90’s Prom Song


When listening to Lubbock, Texas quartet Dry Heeves, obvious comparisons to other bands shuttled through my brain. I’ll spare all five people who read this the rehashing of that tired tactic. Comparisons aside, while the Heeves are not bent on shattering the earth with groundbreaking material, the music is in fact remarkably fun. There isn’t a great deal of variance from song to song, and with this particular formula it isn’t especially necessary. They have their rhythms down and are quite good at pulling it all off again and again.

“90’s Prom Song” was my introduction to the band, and is a more sedate affair than many of its counterparts on debut full length Boogie Till Ya Puke. From the opening baseline, it’s easy to recognize this is drunken, reverb heavy surf rock you’ll just as quickly feel at home with. Perhaps it is just my personal tastes, but I could listen to Boogie as well as the band’s two previous EP’s (also available at their Bandcamp page below) and never feel close to puking.

Throughout their songs, the band has one endearing affectation: the occasional indie rock yelp littered throughout their warbles happen to be quite canine-sounding. Related to this quirk, when listening I had a stray thought that made me chuckle lightly to myself before questioning just what was wrong with my brain (please be gentle) – I give it high barks: three yips and a woof.

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