Leopold and His Fiction – Golden Friends

The website for Leopold and His Fiction features a background of a wide swath of barren landscape stretching out to the horizon; there’s not a cloud to be seen in the silent blue sky.  It’s a pretty telling image when listening to this new single from the band.  “Golden Friends” is haunting and scratchy, and sounds as if it was conjured up in the backrooms of old Western saloons over whiskey and cigarettes.

There is a vintage quality to the band’s music, sounding like the best parts of the 70’s rock that is always fashionable, and is equally as compelling as the music that hails from that era.  It’s made for cheap bars and beer, humid summer nights on a bar’s patio.

The 7″ single for “Golden Friends” is out now via Native Fiction Records, and can be purchased through the band’s website.  They don’t have any tour dates lined up at this time, so we’ll be on the lookout for anything new on that end.

Leopold and His Fiction – Golden Friends (mp3) from Golden Friends [7″ Single]