Land of Talk

I have yet another quickly composed post for this afternoon. I don’t like putting posts together too quickly for obvious reasons. But also because we then get people criticizing them because they are too far behind the times or lacking in specific information one deems to be essential. Well I don’t remember when and how I got this song, but whenever I get new music I put it into a playlist in iTunes to be consumed later with all the other one-off tracks I accumulate. I have played this song several times in the last few days from that playlist and deemed it worthy of posting. It’s off an EP released in 2009 so we are far behind on it for those who care. I don’t know much about the band and only have a few other songs off some Saddle Creek sampler Amazon gave away last year. You can go to the band’s website for more info, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the song.

Land of Talk – May You Never (mp3) from Fun and Laughter