[mp3] Lace Curtains // Bedroom Honesty

Recently I’ve found myself once again drawn to the snotty noise pop sounds of Austin’s Harlem, so it’s fitting I’m also drawn to the work of Lace Curtains, who happen to share a band member. The brainchild of that bandmate, Michael Coomers, Lace Curtains thus far has two songs to their name: the previously released “High Fantasy,” and this track “Bedroom Honesty.” Both are taken from the pending July release The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, which will feature Bloc Party’s Matt Tong on drums.

[mp3] Lace Curtains // Lace Curtains – Bedroom Honesty

Premiered through a post on a Craigslist Casual Encounters board, the song fittingly centers on just what it’s title infers, and is unreservedly honest sentiments laid forth in a home’s most intimate of places. As for its sound, Coomers doesn’t stray too far from the formula perfected with Harlem: jangly guitar-driven pop, with tempo swerves and a head-bobbing beat. I just got Hippies on vinyl; I’m likely to do the same with this.