Kanye West – Power (feat. Dwele)

In some sense, this is a post intended to grab hits, but we also have an opinion, and won’t just put the track up without some analysis; everyone’s talking about the new Kanye song, which got released yesterday, and sent the blogs into a frenzy.  “Power” is from Kanye’s new album – Good Ass Job – which will be released in September.  It samples from prog rock stalwarts King Crimson, and it’s pretty impressive.

From where Kanye is at this point in his career, there isn’t much else for him to prove musically.  I like that he’s not content to release tracks that have the same sounds as before, even if his lyrics can get repetitive.  As an artist, there are few like him, and “Power” demonstrates that well.

Lyrically, Kanye is still himself: egotistical, standoffish, and a little bit destructive.  After lauding how fucking awesome he is for the first three minutes of the track, he spends the last minute or so imagining killing himself by throwing himself out of a window.  Kanye might be misunderstood by everyone else in the entire world – at least he sets it up that way – but everyone already knows him:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton

Kanye West – Power (feat. Dwele) (mp3) from the forthcoming Good Ass Job

  • snake feather

    His lyrics and style are awful and predictable. His beats are decent, but not groundbreaking. I'm not impressed, and never have been. It's beyond me why people think he's any good and bother blogging about him, for hits or otherwise.

  • Reason

    Not a whole lot new here. Still think he kills it.

  • Out for the hits! Not a bad song..just meh

  • tympanogram

    At least we're honest about it? Sometimes we all are, I think.