Jeff Buckley // Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan cover)


The impact that Jeff Buckley has had on my own musical journey is impossible to understate. “Last Goodbye” was my initial introduction to Buckley’s music, and I branched out after purchasing Grace, delving into Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone, and moving on from there. Buckley’s music underpins most everything else that comes after it, in an autobiographical sense.

Generally I have disdain for “found” posthumous material because it always feels like it’s a way to capitalize on an artist’s passing. When I heard about this upcoming release of “new” Buckley material, entitled You and I, that same skepticism cropped up – despite the fact that it’s been nearly twenty years since Buckley’s untimely death.

But now they’ve released the second track from You and I – which is mostly comprised of covers ranging in scope from Led Zeppelin to The Smiths to Sly & The Family Stone. This particular cover, of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman”, showcases the brilliance of both artists – Dylan’s songwriting and Buckley’s arresting voice and knack for making someone else’s song his own – and it is just breathtaking.

You and I is being released on March 11. If you pre-order it on iTunes, you can get this track, along with Buckley’s version of Sly & The Family Stone’s “Everyday People”, immediately.