Islands – Tender Torture

We’re starting our Best of 2009 list tomorrow, but before then, I wanted to point out (if you haven’t already seen it), that Amazon has over 600 albums available for download for $5 each.  There are a ton of albums that I wanted to buy at some point this year – but got put on the backburner for one reason or another.

I started slogging my way through page after page of available albums, and decided to start my spending with the superfluously voweled 2009 release from Islands – Vapours:

Islands reminds me of what The Strokes might be doing if they were still making music together.  (We’ve been talking about The Strokes a lot of late, I just noticed.)  It’s kind of electro-garage, without Julian’s signature scratchy voice.  After my cursory listen, I found myself drawn to the song that reminds me most of The Strokes.  See what you think, and we’ll see you tomorrow for the start of our list.

Islands – Tender Torture (mp3) from Vapours