[mp3] Introducing // Pure Bathing Culture

During our hiatus I listened to an inordinate amount of vinyl. Finding myself less concerned with cataloguing my listening habits, I just listened to what I was feeling in each particular moment. In the past my concerns focused more clearly on impressive counts, so digital consumption was preferable. Without that at least partially in mind, I was able to explore my less than impressive vinyl wares for albums I’d not given recent attention to. I also attempted to add to those wares during our time off, something I’m liable to do in any event.

One piece of vinyl I recently added to my collection is that of Pure Bathing Culture, and their eponymous debut EP. To put not too fine a point on the previous paragraph, I was required to email Father/Daughter Records for the digital copy of the EP, yet I hadn’t done it until the point I finished this post up. This fact is also likely mitigated by the presence of “Ivory Coast” and “Lucky One” on my computer already (In fact Pure Bathing Culture was on a short list of bands I proposed to Andy for a future Tympanogram Records release, something I’m glad the more capable hands at Father/Daughter tackled instead of us). Off in the ether someplace are quite a few scrobbles of all four tracks of this EP that my record player is incapable of noting.

[mp3] Pure Bathing Culture // Ivory Coast

When listening to the dulcet tones of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille, the duo that make up this outfit, my mind swings back to my memories of Portland, Oregon. I spent a week there two summers ago for a friend’s wedding, and quite enjoyed my visit. The EP reminded of the sweetly calm, hipsterly urban manner in which the city carried itself – confident and composed. I was surprised then, to learn that the duo is from Portland (though this is not uncommon) – a fact I swear I learned only subsequently to jotting down that thought when thinking of things to say about the EP. Either way, kick back and enjoy the sweetly pleasing sounds the band has to offer.