Hot Chip – I Feel Better

I’ve already posted my opinions on this track being my favorite from One Life Stand, and at this point in the year the album is easily within my top ten releases on the year. That might put this song high on a year end list as well. I tried posting the video weeks ago when it first made its way onto the interwebs, but I was unable to locate an embed-able link at the time. It went out of my head subsequently until I stumbled across it again the other day. The first time I viewed the video I chuckled outwardly, if not full-out laughed. Perhaps making fun of the song – it being a bit poppy and boy-bandish? – is easy evidence of the band not thinking themselves too serious, though I suppose the old promotional pictures with large green hands would do that too.  As for the video, I love the facial expressions of our bald and bony character. He conveys quite a bit of humor in his moments on screen and does some fine acting. I thoroughly enjoyed this video, though I have just this one question; If those dudes knew he was going to shoot a lightning-like laser out of his mouth capable of rendering an individual dead or merely unconscious even momentarily, why would they continue to go out and try to have a dance-off? Seems silly.