Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot

I’ll be honest in stating this particular track is not my type of thing. However, I’ll bet there are a good deal of folks who disagree with my general tastes in music and will enjoy this rap/mash-up style track quite a bit. Via submissions we were sent this song with a very personalized email, so if nothing else Hoodie Allen is a smart promoter of his own brand. He took some time to peruse our blog and in doing so wrote an informed and impassioned plea for us to use his work on our site. This is one of the main reasons I am doing so. The 21 year old rapper from Long Island is correct in stating we haven’t had a Marina mix like this on our blog yet, so that is another. It hails from an upcoming mix that exclusively samples Marina’s The Family Jewels album entitled The Diamond Cuts. If you enjoy this track you can also check out some more of his work at his MySpace page. Tell us what you think.

Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot (mp3)

  • Athena

    Amazing. I love him and expect great things from him.

  • Florfabi

    love it. on repeat all day long.

  • I just love this song!! I usually listen to it when I'm working up all night, and I kind of get motivated (: love it