Holy Wave // Lady Madonna’s Operation

holy wave the evil has landed part 2 ep cover

Slightly before the conclusion of 2015, Austin’s Holy Wave released a seven song EP titled The Evil Has Landed, Pt. II. Because of its release in the music release wasteland that December has become (see: every Best of 20XX list released throughout the month), the EP likely missed a lot of appreciative ears. This is your opportunity to correct that oversight, friends.

The EP isn’t actually seven new songs, though. As EP’s are wont to do, there’s a rehashing of “Son of Sound” from the band’s excellent, 2014 sophomore effort Relax, aptly named “Son of Sound 2.” But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth your time. “Son of Sound 2” is, to my ears, a fine retelling, as is “Lady Madonna’s Operation” – a surfy pop number imbued with a healthy dose of psychedelic.

If you’re the type that likes your music in physical format, you can (and should) pick up a 10″ version of The Evil Has Landed, Pt. II from the fine Levitation label, along with the aforementioned Relax. The band is off to Europe around the beginning of March; no shows on North American soil have yet been announced for 2016.

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