His Clancyness

Jonathan Clancy has gotten a bit of love from the blog world the past few months, but I hadn’t heard “Ottawa Backfired Soon” until very recently. As I’ve made abundantly clear in my stated opinions, I am not the biggest proponent of the lo-fi craze. I think the majority of those artists classified as such are less than stellar, yet I would not classify His Clancyness as anything less than pretty good. Based on the strength of this song one could justify putting down the measly $5 for his album Always Mist here at Mirror Universe Tapes. “Ottawa Backfired Soon” is definitely the highlight of what I’ve heard thus far from His Clancyness, and the rest is certainly lo-fi, but not of the brand I dislike. Grab the track I’ve been digging below, and get another taste with “Strong Majestic” in the video above.

His Clancyness – Ottawa Backfired Soon (mp3) from Always Mist