Most music listeners, astute or otherwise, have at this point heard of and subsequently formed their own opinions regarding Animal Collective. Unlike many others I did not love 2009’s Merriweather Post Pavilion and it is not my favorite Animal Collective record. I prefer 2005’s Feels, which I purchased based on my immense enjoyment of the song I am posting today. It is a fairly divisive song in that conversely, my wife absolutely hates it and has had a contemptuous view of the band for years because of it. Yet I believe her dislike stems only from one particular aspect of the song. Every time we would listen she would groan and lament Avey Tare’s clipped squeels set to banging drums. If you can get past the screams like I can, then this song may work for you.

Animal Collective – Grass (mp3) from Feels

  • Jodash

    Ah, thank you!
    All this unquestioned adoration of Merriweather has had me quite frustrated.
    My personal favorite album from the group is the frantic Here Comes the Indian, but the brilliant, experimental sounds of the album (and Feels as well, as you pointed out) fall on deaf ears to most listeners, especially those that tuned in during the release of Merriweather.

  • ryan

    The squeels are the best part