[mp3] GOBBLE GOBBLE // Wrinklecarver

Late last year we included GOBBLE GOBBLE’s “Lawn Knives” in a list of people’s favorite songs as solicited on Twitter. I’ve increasingly grown to love it the more I’ve listened, so finally a few weeks ago vague efforts were made to venture out and see what else was available from the band responsible for it. My subsequent findings have been a bit conflicted.

[mp3] GOBBLE GOBBLE // Wrinklecarver

I sat down intending to write nice things about “Wrinklecarver,” but I kept going back to how much more I preferred “Lawn Knives.” There is an awful lot of yelling interspersed throughout the band’s tracks, more than I can say I’ve heard in the music I listen to most often. When the yelling is toned down a bit, the glitchy synth-pop can be quite catchy. That said, “Lawn Knives” has an overarching beat that will get your head bobbing, which in turn makes the acerbic vocals therein a welcome accompaniment. “Wrinklecarver” has a much different feel to it, almost like a ballad in the softer, yearning vocals. Yet despite my distaste for a majority of the yelling on other tracks, I don’t care as much for the softness here. Perhaps a balance between the two contrasting ethos would be best, which is why “Lawn Knives” works so damn well.

[mp3] GOBBLE GOBBLE // Lawn Knives