[mp3] Gamble House – Bonny Doon

While browsing around the interwebs, I came across this track on I Guess I’m Floating. I hadn’t heard of the band prior, but my interest was piqued when I read their write-up concerning a favorable comparison to Grizzly Bear, Dan Rossen in particular. As for what I wrote about Rossen yesterday, this comparison would be most enticing to me. Luckily for me, the comparison is apt.

When writing up new music it is often quite easy to throw in a band name people might be familiar with, that would compare to some new work in efforts to give it perspective. I might never have listened to this song otherwise, so for that I am grateful to the guys over at IGIF. I truly hope this same sort of thing happens for people with our write-ups.

The band is currently out on tour supporting Rogue Wave. While I haven’t gotten my hands on the entire Gamble House LP just yet, that failure should be remedied quickly.

Gamble House – Bonny Doon (mp3) from Gamble House