Francis Lung // Oh My Love


Normally, I try to keep my online presence fairly close to the vest. And I know these problems pale in comparison to those of others around the world, but please indulge a bit of venting: sickness has typhooned this and that-a-way through my house at an absurd rate; I had to replace a refrigerator that wasn’t particularly old and pay for four new tires; in the wake of a merger, there has been a ridiculous amount of turmoil at work – mostly indirect – but stressful to witness when heads roll all around you and the very nature of your work morphs continuously; I was blocked yesterday on twitter by a local organization for some indecipherable reason that ultimately doesn’t matter one iota yet I allowed it to affect me; plus some other aggravating things I won’t delve into further. All that is to say, I’m looking forward to a planned vacation to warmer weather in a few weeks that is luckily already paid for.

Music evoking certain types of environs and climates is not a topic with a great deal left remaining to explore. But drawing forth some sort of escape, however momentary, is the best one could reasonably ask of a piece of music, correct? When listening to the delightful “Oh My Love” by Francis Lung, one is transported to more pleasant weather than is currently being experienced in the Northeast United States, and along with it a sense of warmth and joy. The weather here in Rochester hasn’t been too acrimonious thus far this winter season, but a large storm is always lurking behind another set of grey clouds on the horizon. Singing along with those extended ‘ooohs’ of the song’s title has me excited for the pending vacation. The last time I made this particular trip, “Morning Tide” from The Little Ones was a song I listened to extensively for days on end, and it ultimately sound-tracked that great trip and brought me back to that place in the aftermath. I hope Francis Lung will do something similar this go ’round.

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While completing some research, it seems Francis Lung is the solo product of former WU LYF bassist Tom McClung. The third(?) such offshoot of the former band, McClung also joined forces with other ex-members Joe Manning and Evans Kati to form the pop outfit Los Porcos. WU LYF frontman Ellery James Roberts also has a solo project. The more you know…