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Fake Palms

I’m not quite certain what it says about us, but whenever Andy mentions that he’d like to write a bit again and/or does so, it often coincides with pangs I’ve similarly felt. Things are vastly different personally than when we began this venture, and I have no interest in keeping pace with any of our past output. Yet I’ve been enjoying an array of music and my musical exploration has branched out in ways much different than in days past, and so I have felt a growing desire to share things once again.

One band I’ve only very recently had cross my path is Toronto’s Fake Palms. Signed to Canada’s Buzz Records, our lake neighbor consists of members of recognizable bands such as the Darcys, Slim Twig, and Hooded Fang, formed into something of a supergroup. Operating in a noisy pop realm, reverb and memorable guitars are the immediate draw. As anyone who would care to study my musical tastes could certainly attest to, my adoration for this record could likely be predicted with some sort of algorithm. Unlike many records I’ve listened to in the recent past, Fake Palms is a collection of singles, any of which are capable of standing alone for posting here, or taken as a larger piece – each track folded into the next. For those that are comparison-minded, think a lighter Viet Cong.

I considered grabbing it on vinyl, but unfortunately shipping to the U.S. costs nearly as much as the record itself, and that isn’t in the cards at the moment. We’ll see how things continue to grow before I make a final decision.

Fake Palms: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp