Faded Paper Figures – Invent It All Again

In our reinvigorated attempt to utilize our inbox better following the great purge of 2010, Andy has been kicking my ass in discovering what is viable. I aim to fix the discrepancy in our finds, and today should be another positive step in doing so. Faded Paper Figures are a trio by way of L.A. ready with a follow up to an album I am now going to have to investigate. The band’s new album New Medium is set for release next week, and if the rest sounds as good as “Invent It All Again” we’ll have something special on our hands. At alternating moments the song gives hints of Alaska In Winter and then Au Revoir Simone. It’s bubbly indie-pop electronica and it makes me want to listen to more.

Faded Paper Figures – Invent It All Again (mp3) from the forthcoming New Medium

  • laurent

    this track is a highlight from the album, but on first listen the rest of the album sounds a lot like Postal Service. My opinion might change after another spin or two.