Explosions in the Sky // Disintegration Anxiety

explosions in the sky the wilderness

As a discerning music fan, it is not impossible for me to recognize the greatness of Explosions in the Sky, even if, on a personal level, I can only take them in smallish doses. Each member of the Austin, TX five piece is adept at their respective instrument, and together they create an oeuvre that is formidable and intense, despite (or, more likely, because of) the absence of lyrics.

Maybe it’s their inclusion in various soundtracks (Friday Night Lights, most notably for this writer), but the band’s music transcends mood. It’s equal parts grounded and ethereal.

And now they’re back with a new album – their first since 2011’s Take Care Take Care Take Care – entitled The Wilderness. Out April 1, The Wilderness’ first single is the appropriately twitchy “Disintegration Anxiety.” Stream the single below, and make sure to take deep breaths as you’re listening.

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