End of the Year Fantasy League: Albums Version

The GvsB list already posted, and it didn’t help my score very much.

A while back the writers of this old blog tossed some ideas back and forth about a year end contest. This contest would center around the vaunted ‘best of’ lists regarding each varied internet and print publication’s views on which albums were the best of 2012, of which each and every website and publication participates in. As a list making society, why not capitalize and make a game out of it? Well, Andy took to twitter fleshing the idea out a bit more, and a long time reader, Nate, who was aware of our crummy site likely only because he went to school in nearby Syracuse, took the ball and ran with it.

Nate came up with the basic rules and structure of the contest, decided which of the many year end lists to solicit results from, and conjured up a draft idea. I’ve done none of the work, but have been lucky to be able to participate. It has been fun so far. We drafted a few weeks ago, and my personal selection strategy at the time, completely in the dark as to how this whole thing would go, was to take a peek at Pitchfork’s album ratings for the year and interject my own personal awareness when choosing albums. There are nine of us participating, and we each chose seven albums. With the heavies already gone by my selection slot, I went boom or bust with my first pick and selected Godspeed for my first album. I went with Beach House next for an all around scorer, and so far I’ve been rewarded. My next selections in order: Death Grips (in retrospect this was foolishly splitting potential points due to their penis influenced album later in the year) / Dirty Projectors / DIIV / Julia Holter / and finally Crystal Castles.

I started out well, but my lack of hip hop awareness has bitten me. So too, has my selection of Julia Holter, which despite solid praise upon release has garnered me zero points thus far. But, as with any fantasy league, there is a waiver process! Just this weekend I swapped out Holter for Melody’s Echo Chamber, which has seen placement on a few lists that have already posted. I won’t get those points retroactively, but I hope to gain some moving forward. At this point, I am completely unsure of what to expect, and that is pretty cool. Unlike other fantasy leagues, wheeling and dealing has not been commonplace thus far, but trades are allowed and I’ve been thinking of attempting one. Due to this being a first test run, strategies are still forming and, should this continue, I’ll have new ideas in mind for future drafts. Overall, this has been very interesting, and I’m still hopeful my draft strategy will pay off. Pitchfork has yet to post their list after all.