Empire of the Sun – Walking On a Dream (Kids At the Bar Remix)

We try to add something in the afternoon that’s worked its way into our heads, jogged our memory or otherwise has been forgotten.  A lot of times I feel like I don’t enjoy music as much when it begins to seem like a job, so it’s nice to be reminded.

Anyway, this past weekend I made myself a new running mix for my training for the 5 mile Running of the Green here in Rochester on March 13th.  Never having been a particularly big fan of running, it’s helpful for me to have music that can draw my attention away from the time that always seems to be increasing more slowly than I’d like – as well as the distance.

I picked this remix by Kids at the Bar off the blogs at some point last year, and it made its way onto my new mix, and it works like a charm.  It came on right around the 25 minute mark of my run, right when I want to quit, and the handclaps and wobbly synth picked me right back up.  Granted, I’m a long way off from where I should be, but I’ll get my ass there.  I’ll post more of what I run to going forward.  It’s a trial and error kind of project, and maybe it will give someone else new motivation.

Empire of the Sun – Walking On a Dream (Kids at the Bar Remix) (mp3)

  • This track rocks, Cant seem to get enough of the empire.. hope youve been over to vote for them in the brit awards??