Digitalism – Pogo

I have a personal stigma when it comes to any band from Germany, imagining that all are in a vein similar to Rammstein – kind of angry, with intermittent use of the word “nein!” or “schnell!”  This kind of cultural ignorance is completely my own fault, as I’m not particularly in tune with the musical landscape of Germany and Austria.

But the electro-pop of the group Digitalism – at least contained on this song (which is the only one I’ve heard of theirs) – makes me think that Germans may just tend more toward the happy, drunken buffoonery of Oktoberfest.  What it boils down to is this: I can’t decide which unwarranted, overriding stereotype of mine is more correct based on this one song.  I guess, in reality, I’m content to assume it’s the second assumption, as long as the resulting musical output mirrors this.

Digitalism – Pogo (mp3) from Idealism