Detlef Schrempf

One of my family’s cars does not have the modern convenience of an auxiliary plug for an iPod, nor a cd player capable of reading a ninety song mp3 disc. When driving in this car I am forced to listen to good old fashioned cd’s. Because of this, I pulled out Band of Horses’ Cease To Begin the other day for my ride to-and-from work. I have my favorites from the disc, and they are of the variety of song I’m usually drawn to. For one reason or another, the song I kept going back to the other day is not a usual favorite but instead one of those dad-rock songs Band of Horses is at time criticized for. Perhaps this is due to becoming a father recently, but I seriously doubt it. It more likely has to do with Ben Bridwell’s vocals in the song and how they are the most interesting element of the track. I’ve been singing ‘Eyes can’t look at you any other way’ in my head repeatedly since that time. With good reason I should think.

P.S. – I have no idea why the track is titled as such.

Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf (mp3) from Cease to Begin

  • jakey909

    all i know is detlef schrempf is a former nba player lol. good song tho 🙂

  • haha yeah, detlef schrempf played for the Seattle Sonics back in the day. RIP Sonics… Detlef is still the man tho- oh and, great song 🙂

  • Patty

    That song is very good…and I remember a trip with my boyfriend in Atacama desert 🙂

  • rcb1985

    German ex-NBA player for the Seattle Supersonics. Early 90s.

  • maximillian24

    Straight from Ben's mouth:

    I traded some e-mails with [Schrempf], and I explained to him that I wasn't slagging his name or anything. He was very cool about it. The song is not really about him. It has some Seattle themes is all, but I am so bad about making up song titles I just used his name as a working title.

    So sorry it really has nothing to do with the actual basketball player.

  • oncefutureking

    german nba-player, isn't it?! but why name a song after him…

  • No idea why it's called this either, but maybe this helps?

    A mellow song to get me relaxed after lunch.