Dead Models – Rosy

Have you seen the cards where there’s an old picture of like a woman on an old rotary phone, and then on the inside there’s some snarky comment about another woman not bringing jello salad to the party?  I love those thingsDead Models have pictures on their MySpace that remind me of those cards: all sepia and 1960’s.

And then, when I hear their music, it sounds exactly the same way.  It’s not a dusty, Americana sounding track like M. Ward’s vision of the past.  It’s more a surf rock, shimmery vision, like an old Annette Funicello movie.

Dead Models is from London, far from the beach party movies that their music recalls.  But they obviously have a pretty firm handle on the sunshine.  Moondoggie would dig it.

Dead Models – Rosy (mp3)

  • Mark

    Nice post Andy.


  • tympanogram

    Thanks Mark! I like when you comment. It makes me think of last year, when you were the only one to comment ever.

  • DeadDeadModel

    EP coming this summer on White Noise Records.

  • Trash

    download the album now for free for a limited time –