Datarock – Amarillion

In addition to wearing their 80’s affection on the sleeves of their red Thriller jackets, there’s a section of “Amarillion” where Datarock shows off a few more songs they like.  About 3 minutes into the track, behind the vocals, there are lines sung from Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms,” David Bowie’s “Changes,” At the Drive-In’s “One Armed Scissor” and another track I can’t place.  (It sounds like a Ben Folds lyric to me.)

I don’t have the rest of Red, so I don’t know if the band gets into styles as diverse as what they reference in this track, but I suppose I don’t really much care.  As much as I can feel nostalgic for an era that I didn’t experience except for through movies, and one that I remember now through kitsch and comedy, on “Amarillion” Datarock makes it seem like being 16/17/18 in 1985 is something that I would have enjoyed.

Datarock – Amarillion (mp3) from Red