Damien Jurado – Everything Trying

Yesterday morning sucked.  My car wouldn’t start, so I drove my girlfriend to work, then back home to shower in the 10 minutes I had available to me before I had to leave to work myself.  But before I got home, this particular Damien Jurado song was played on WBER, and – despite my mad dash to clean up – I had to stop to focus.

Damien Jurado is an artist that I always enjoy, but is also one that I can only digest in very small doses.  He’s an incredible songwriter, but it’s generally pretty depressing subject matter.  Yesterday morning I must have been in the mood for it, because this struck me right away.  It’s sad and thoughtful and honest, and I can see the accompanying video in my mind’s eye (which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t exist, but seems like it should be in a dusty Midwestern motel).  I’ve listened to it a half a dozen times or so since yesterday morning, and it’s profoundly affecting.

Damien Jurado – Everything Trying (mp3) from Caught In the Trees