Choir of Young Believers – Action/Reaction

I purchase, download, and at the very least, attempt to listen to a great deal of music. I don’t always listen to things immediately and as such I don’t always remember the why or wherefores of the music that pop up in iTunes. As such I don’t recall exactly when, where or how I happened to find the few tracks I have from Danish act Choir Of Young Believers, but my action/reaction after coming across it again in iTunes was to immediately share. The song is from 2009 and tonal changes are the name of its game; shifting pace and style to make it seem almost as if there are two songs spliced together. That might not be an enticing sounding description, but really it’s quite captivating. I can’t quite put my finger on who the song reminds me of, but I’ve listened to it quite a bit the last few days. I’d really like to find out where, when and why I got it too.

[mp3] Choir Of Young Believers – Action-Reaction from This Is For The White In Your Eyes