Chali 2Na – Comin’ Thru

Sorry I’m a little bit late with the post for this afternoon; my day off has been busy as hell.  Anyway, they play this track a lot here in Rochester; it seems like every time I turn the radio on in my car, I catch the tail end of it.  It’s always funny to hear the high school DJs butcher the artist’s name, and it’s fun to turn up while driving.

I was never a big fan of J5, and I don’t have a good reason for that, because I can certainly see the attraction.  It’s almost like getting into a group or artist after they’ve stopped making music is a moot point.  But I like this – not enough to pick up J5’s back catalog (or even the album this is off of, really) – and that’s good enough for this grey mid-February afternoon.

Chali 2na – Comin’ Thru (mp3) from Fish Outta Water