Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

As a follow-up to this morning’s TV diatribe, I thought of another character I would like to have killed off. Stupidly I have continued watching the show Heroes despite it not being very good. I don’t know why I continue to watch it, but when I do I want nothing more than the character of Matt Parkman to be brutally murdered so I don’t have to deal with his whiny character and the poor acting of the man who plays him. But enough of that for now.

I would be rather surprised if most people in this country have not heard this song from the Danish pop duo somewhere at sometime because this songs seems like it has been in everything. I can’t think of a song that ultimately achieves the point of the lyrics better because it is supremely catchy and dance oriented and you can’t help but move in some way. If you don’t move your feet you can at least bob your head.

Personally I like Rhythm Bandits a little better, but you can’t go wrong with this song either.

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (mp3) from d-d-don’t don’t stop the beat

  • I’m not sure about killed off, but in terms of getting rid of a character from a TV Show, Becca from Californication. Not sure if your familiar with the show, but the daughter of David Duchovony has started to single handedly ruin what is otherwise an awesome show. Always moping around and whining. Also, great song, from a great snowboard video, Video Gangs (


  • Dave

    I am familiar with the show. I am not caught up on this season though Andy is. She hasn’t bugged me much in the first two seasons so I’ll have to see Season Three, but I can envision it happening.

  • Andy

    I don’t mind Becca from Californication. She hasn’t been terribly involved this season, but she is a bit whiny.

    But if there was ever a character to kill off, it would be Deb from Dexter. Oh, does she grate on me. She doesn’t have a real reaction to anything, and she’s not a good actress (in my opinion). If she wasn’t married to the serial killer in real life, then I think she’d be gone by now.