Cameron Rafati – Battles

We got sent this track last week at some point; I’m reminded of Beck when he’s singing in his lower register, and Jack Johnson instrumentally (but with a more full sound) and I like it.  It’s movie soundtrack ready; reading the promo e-mail, I find it’s already slated to be used in one.  There goes that idea.

The song itself is wise about the toll that relationships can take, the back and forth, give and take, and how anything can devolve into crisis.  It’s dusty and honest and feels slightly tired from the wear.

Checking out Mr. Rafati’s site, I discover that I (or you) can get 2 songs from his debut album for just an e-mail address – and you can even pick the ones you want from the album.  Stream the entire thing there, and then pick wisely.  You might be better off just getting the whole thing, and hitching your wagon to Rafati’s star early.

Cameron Rafati – Battles (mp3) from Cameron Rafati