Bear Hands – What a Drag

If you’re catching Passion Pit on the first half of the tour they started last week, you’ll see Bear Hands open up the show.  I hadn’t listened to them prior to this past weekend in Buffalo, but after watching them perform this track, Dave and I both went over and bought the 7″ of it.  (We also told them to go to Duff’s instead of Anchor Bar if they were looking for wings after the show.)

You can grab yourself the white vinyl 7″ here if you’re interested (and you should be), and check out where else the band is headed at their website.  I’m kind of angry to find out that they played the Bug Jar here in Rochester the night before we saw them, but I can’t really fault myself for that I suppose.  I’m on them now.  And so are you.

Bear Hands – What a Drag (mp3) from What a Drag 7″