Band of the Week!: Alcoholic Faith Mission

Dave and I have talked about trying to institute a “Band of the…” type thing here on the blog; we’re still working out the kinks and how we want it to operate, but eventually we’d like the bands to answer a few questions and give us their take on their music rather than reading us blather on about it. But until then, you’re stuck with us.

Taken just by their moniker, Danish band Alcoholic Faith Mission sounds like a contradiction.  Or maybe they’re some new kind of religion – the Alcoholic Faith.  When experiencing their music, it seems like they’re the embodiment of both.

Their sophomore effort – 421 Wythe Avenue – was released in April 2009, and it is a melodic, everything-in-the-pot kind of album.  After returning to Brooklyn to record it, nothing is off limits for the group – muted horns, piano, wobbling synth, female vocals, male vocals, drums, strange clips of sound from daily life are all used; not unlike a Mission, all are welcome to take part in something greater.  It’s a specifically urban sounding album; the haunting “Time” is a late, lonely walk home from the bar, when every sound on the street is amplified and senses are particularly heightened.  It’s not as fragile as it seems at first listen; it’s layered and dense and beautifully done.

The overwhelmingly Nordic-named band seems to have just gotten off of a European tour at the beginning of December, and I don’t see anything else on tap for them just yet, but I’d look forward to seeing them ply their craft on this side of the Atlantic.

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Nut In Your Eye (mp3) from 421 Wythe Avenue

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Time (mp3) from 421 Wythe Avenue

  • They really layer the sounds well on “Nut In Your Eye”. Everything seems to be adding to the overall quality of the song. You don’t always see that.